Sunday, April 18, 2010


Many people may not be able to understand or even care to have dogs, or cats in their life.
I understand both sides of the story. But here is my take:
I had to put to sleep my fabulous Boston Terrier last year who was 16 yrs. old.
Yesterday I had to put to sleep my cat, who was 20 years. old.
They both were companions to us requiring only food, water and place to rest.
They would give us love in return.
Climbing on your lap to be stroked, a smile or a treat in your hand would please
them. Yes, they were needed to be let out to do their business or cleaning their litter box. Making sure they had water and fed twice a day. Buy a recreational vehicle to travel in so we could take them with us. (I could not leave them in a kennel).
But, it was well worth it these past 20 years.
The hardest part of having them is when they pass on. There truly is a different atmosphere in the house and the care you give them is now gone.
But let me say this, I never thought of having another animal to care for but after 3 months of not having that Boston Terrier, I got another. She will probably outlive me.
She does need those things I spoke of but she does keep a smile going in our home.


  1. It's sad to have to say goodbye to another companion. Perhaps there will be a new cat too when the time feels right.