Friday, January 15, 2010

Trip to Florida

This just had to be.....I love winter, but DH loves summer type weather and I had them both. Worst freeze they had seen in years here in "sunny" Florida and now that we will be heading up to Tennessee with a stop in Savannah, Georgia,DH will get his Florida warm weather. However, I will have my real winter up in my favorite place, Smokie Mountains. I hope it will snow but waits until I get there. In winter it seems the type clothes you wear (layered) can hide a multitude of "fat" and I do need to hide that while in the Summer you are totally exposed. Now I can either hide in the house all summer or loose some weight and exercise.....guess which one I will be doing.... At least I have a few months to decide. :)
However, the trip to Tampa was well worth it as I got to see our grandson Matthew who is the youngest of the 9 we have. Reading to him was a joy as was the puppet theater I made for him as he is full of imagination. This is a picture of one I made out of fabric. The child's face is the other grandson who is 13.

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  1. What a cute little guy! I heard it was cold down there, sorry if it dampened your trip.