Thursday, September 10, 2009

What a Trip, What a Party!

It was the 50th birthday of my son in Louisiana. The theme being the 60's-70's. All five of my children, two grandchildren were there. We all live in different states so this was grand.

We tried to dress in that time of the 60's 70's and I am posting a photo of myself, my grandaughter and my two daughters. We took a horse and buggy ride along the river and to our destination which was a very nice cafe style for dinner. Fifty people attended and we ate and danced and laughed a great deal. The next day we had a barbecue at sons home which attended about 25 people and that was great. Staying at my sons hotel, all five and Dave and I and even Katie, our Boston had memorable gatherings there for the labor day weekend. But getting home was wonderful, it just wore me out. But so well worth the fun.
Picture: Daughter Valerie, Me, Grandaughter Jessi and Daughter Cindi

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  1. I was looking for you in a micro-mini and little white boots! Sounds like a fun party. So great to have all your offspring together.