Monday, July 20, 2009


I thought after my Petie past in 2008 that I would never, never get another dog. Too many heart aches when they go. My DH found this little girl on Craigs List and I knew I had to have her. My husband said I was getting too depressed over loosing Petie.
She was 6 weeks old. Boy, did I forget what having a puppy was all about as Petie was 16 when she died and as she aged I knew what it was all about because I was aging along with her.
After two months of training (ha!) I was at wits end. She was a lap dog allright but I loved having lap dogs, however, she really was a LAP dog. It got on my old nerves a bit and I just couldn't seem to bond with her.
I called our Vet and asked if there was anyone who would like to have her. Someone else who maybe lost their dog. My Vet told me that I should wait, that it takes time but she said she would keep that in mind.
She is now a year old. I am so glad that there wasn't anyone looking for a Boston Terrier for free. She is now a calmer little girl. She is still a lap dog but divides her time between DH and me. The Vet was right, give her some time she said. I am so glad I did. Allthough right now bonding with her is a little harder than I thought because of how I felt about Petie I am sure as the months and hopefully years go by that too will pass.

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  1. This picture is very, very sweet. Now it's time for a new post and another great picture.