Monday, July 20, 2009

A Friend

Her name is June:
I have been corresponding via snail mail believe it or not for about a year now with this wonderful new friend of mine. We met on the internet doing swaps. It continued on because I had this love of New York City like forever and she lived there. It was so much fun and interesting as she liked a few of the things I did also, like books, quilting, museums. Very interesting lady I learned. She travelled a lot to places I would probably never think of going. She is about the same age as me (but I am older) so we could remember things about the past that a lot of younger friends would not have a clue about.
Well she moved to Cape Cod. My other place I love. I hope someday on my trip to Maine that I will stop in to see her. Its a nice relationship. We don't call on the telephone or expect anything from each other and her letters are a treat for me. I surely hope mine are to her.
It is so funny that you can write things to strangers that you would not mention to neighbors or anyone else, until all of a sudden you find someone that you connect with. Thanks June.


  1. Well, darn. I just wrote a whole long note here saying thank you for all your kind words and that I also enjoy our correspondence. And also wondering if we are in the last generation that likes snail mail correspondence as a way to grow and enhance a friendship. It will be nice to meet some day as I think we are fated to do. Meanwhile I find electronics frustrating and hope I can manage to make this comment stick and get printed here. I'm going to try again.

  2. I think we do very well at our young age with this new electronic age.. Just keep them snail mails comming June. Yes, we are fated to meet.