Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Whatsssss UP?

Well, I started about two years ago doing a little sewing. My good friend had sent me a fabric postcard and a website and told me to join in. I did and it was so fun. Now I am into swap-bot swapping many different crafty things. I have made dotee dolls, blume dolls, and several other types which I thought I would never be able to do. You can see some of my stuff on if you would like.

I also finished two little lap quilts. I wanted my grandaughter who graduated from college to have a memory wall hanging or lap quilt (having attemped anything bigger) so I finished just in time. Here is a picture of it. I told her not to look too close as it was my first, but she was so thrilled that I did that for her.

Then I did a little one for my youngest grandson Matt to take to nursery school with a matching pillow I might add. He loved it also and being a Gator family in football the colors were perfect. I put some of his little friends and family pictures on it to as he had to move to another city and left his friends behind and was a little sad. Here is a picture of that too.

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  1. Great start!!! Love your blog so far. The pix of deer and that gorgeous bird are wonderful. The quilt have got to make their recipient happy and proud. And your pix with DH is really perfect for the tone you've set to far. You go on my bookmarks so I can check the blog regularly. Carry on!