Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring - Thank you God

It has been a pretty mild winter here in East Tennessee. I was really looking for a lot more snow since the people up North had so much but alas we only had snow twice and very limited. I truly wanted to make a snow angel but I could get down in the snow however, getting up was harder.

My sweet Boston Terrier of 16 yrs. had to be put to sleep, her name was Petie. It devastated me for awhile until my husband found a 6 month old boston on craigslist and we got her. However, I found out that I was really training a toddler. Her name is Katie and has brought me back to reality really quick. Although I think of my Petie often, Katie does help me feel better and keeps me hopping. I didn't want to get another dog for about a year at least but it the saddness was keeping me from myself and I knew it was time to put aside my grief and add another pup to our family of two.

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