Saturday, August 9, 2008

Life of a Working Woman

Yes, I have put in my almost 60 yrs. of working. I started at 16 working at a wonderful Bank and loved it. I was a secretary for a wonderful man, my boss Mr. Hooley. I then moved to Florida where I married a Floridian after a whirlwind romance of 4 weeks. (Never do that). It did last 16 yrs and produced 4 wonderful children tho.
Back to New Jersey where I grew up, my husband and I (no children at this time) lived. I worked as a receptionist for a doctor for a few years then moved back to Florida.
I got a job with Southern Bell Telephone and loved every minute of it and it lasted for 30 years. But it was a crazy time as I was young, had 4 children and a husband.
While in Florida and then divorced husband No. 1 I met a young man who I fell for and after about a year we married and I had his child a love child, Valerie.
I worked all those years even with these babies. Had wonderful sitters which is a blessing. But I knew I needed to work to retirement in order to get compensated at the end of my 30 yrs.
Moved to Sevierville, Tn. and worked at Dollywood after retirement just for fun. Lasted about 3 yrs. when I was offered a job at a college for Culinary pursuits as secretary to the Head Chef. Loved that also but my husband had retired and wanted to RV. We sold everything and went camping on an off for about 5 years. Along the way we bought homes in Alabama, Florida and back to Tennessee. In between homes we continued to RV.


  1. I hope I have a story like yours in 50 years. I think it's fascinating that you and your husband RV'd for 5 years straight. Very Lucky. I want to travel so bad.

  2. Thank you for saying that Elizabeth
    It was fun and interesting and your time will come.