Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Just Some Neat Photos

I guess sharing is my middle name because I do like you to see what is going on around Tennessee, where my husband Dave and I and KatieDog live. But you know that already if you get my blogs. The days have recently been very gray and dismal I am sorry to say. That is Winter, and I do love Winter. However, on this particular day the sky was so blue and the sun shinning so bright my husband took advantage of the day by going outside to soak up some of the warmer (ha!) weather. He gets cabin fever, ya know! This is a picture from our yard and it really was amazing to see all these streaming lines of airplanes going East to West, possible South to North. It was a day after a holiday (Martin Luther King) so maybe people were taking advantage of a long weekend by flying and now on Tuesday morn the sky was full of them going back home. Another photo which deserves an award for Valentines Day, Best in Veggie photo is this one. Now, a bag of Idaho potatoes is one thing but to find this one big one in the bag was just amazing, especially since a holiday is almost upon us. Yes, we peeled it, and ate it.


  1. The sky offers all kinds of patterns and life. You just have to look up. I'm always looking for birds. My husband always has a comment about those contrails and I just laugh.

    Cool tater!

  2. Your header photo is wonderful and makes me wish I had time and nerve enough to make a picture quilt using that as inspirtation (but it's very complicated), The contrails are fascinating.