Friday, September 12, 2014

I think too much, I think!

My back deck is my favorite place in my home in all kinds of weather.  We have a patio cover of it so it protects from some weather.  However, I have sat with coffee cup in hand being sprayed upon while sitting there by light rain.  In the winter, rarely am I there as snow can always find a way to creep under that patio.  But today I was watching the sky and this poem ran across my mind and I wanted to share it with friends, family knowing I am not a poet,  just a thinker. Can't think of a title for this, care to help?

I hear the sound of thunder in the distance.
I fear a storm approaching

Clouds' appearing in different shades of gray, light, dark, some with an
outline of blue.

Just between two gray clouds, a whiteness opens up between them.
The sun is hiding behind them, trying to push its way through.

Clouds are moving now from West to East.
A cool breeze blows over me gently as I sit and watch the sky.
This breeze feels as if autumn is trying to arrive, some trees
are shedding their leaves.,

It does not last for long, the thunder no longer heard in the distance.
Clouds are now changing shape and closing in on that speck of sun.

Wonder if it will rain, the sky still darkened by these clouds 
They closed out the bit of sun but move slowing toward the East, while
training whiter clouds behind as if to follow to another place.

No more thunder sounds, nor darkened sky of gray.  The sun appears
as if it has won, as the sky is blue again, the clouds now a pristine

It is my favorite place to sit and think about the wonders
around us all, this deck of ours.


  1. I was with you watching the changing sky. The kind of weather we expect as summer turns to fall. It's very nice to sit and contemplate and be a part of what is happening on a larger scale. That is NOT thinking too much, it is letting yourself be aware of nature and even feel a part of nature. A very nice thing to do. Generally called meditation.

  2. ""Hint of Fall is what I suggest for your writing. It was very pleasant to read -- barbara

  3. Beautiful poem. I like Barbara Judge idea Hints of Fall.