Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Global Warming? Don't think so!

This looks to me like it is Global Freezing or our Earth is going through another
cycle like it does so many years past.

Unbelievable!The photos made me think I was somewhere else.  Was I magically transported to the Artic Circle?  No, it was just one of our "get out of the house no matter how cold it is" syndrome ride.  Yup! Cabin Fever strikes the one I love.  Me? I love it.  The changing season with the snow, ice, hot chocolate, fireside,  clothes that hide a multitude of body......perfect for me. 

So let me introduce you to my favorite little town just the road a bit called Townsend. Snuggled against part of the Smokie Mountain and the Little River running creek side.  Here are a few photos I snapped, enjoy!

 River rocks with cascading flow of ice and water.

Destination, the waterfall


  1. Maybe it's cold and uncomfortable out, but ice makes lovely photographs. It was worth the chill to go out and take these pictures.

    The term "global warming" was a really bad choice back when it was thought up. The globe's a big place and weather always changes, highs and lows, wets and dries and everything in between. We are on a period of climate change, sometimes unusually hot, sometimes unusually cold, sometimes very terrible hurricanes or tornadoes, earth quakes, volcanos erupting, tsunamis ... This cold is just part of the pattern. If we can go out and look at the beauty and share it in photos, that's a good thing. I like the photos.

  2. My feelings exactly June, thanks for expressing it.

  3. What beauty in such a simple thing as water. You are fortunate to have it so close to your home. And your header is magnificent -- barbara