Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Antiquing and Thrifting and Buying

Today we went looking around at Antique stores and Thrift  stores.  Not to really buy anything, just to see what is out there. We needed to get out before we had cabin fever.
I had no intentions of collecting anything for now, however,.....

I found an old candy jar that was filled with handmade ornaments.  I don't believe they are old, old but the jar was filled with them, looking so cute that I decided to spend the $12.00 for it.  The cashier was surprised or acted surprised that I found such a  deal.  To me, it was.  I decorated my Christmas Tree in birds, and much to my delight there were 3 ornaments in this jar that were wonderful birds, along with reindeer, Santa's helpers,  a red fox,  a nurse mouse, a Christmas stocking, etc.  As you can see by this photo, half the jar is empty because the ornaments are being used elsewhere.

Did you know that Owls are very popular for some reason on the internet.  All kinds of owls are either being painted, carved, printed on fabric or as in this photo.

I found an owl painted and signed by the artist on glass.  This is called reverse painting. Painted on the backside of the glass.  Very much done years ago on lampshades, decorative items.
  I have been interested in these birds since the first one my daughter sent me (not a real one), a year or so ago.  When I saw this reverse glass painting I knew I had to have it.  For $15.00 I bought it.  It now hangs over the door of my breakfast room.

In the same store I noticed this Santa.  I use to collect them diligently for years but decided it was time to cut back on stuff I had until I saw this one.  He is a Cola Santa from 1992 and was standing in a small chair speaking to me.  I just had to have it even at $15.00 and give him a home on my mantel for Christmas.  He is even cuter in "person".

At my age a person may start to down-size a bit.  A bit is exactly how I am doing it. I just cant resist Antique stores or Thrift stores.  I still do try to contain myself to small things though or something maybe I can send to someone else that they may be collecting.  Its fun!  My Christmas items will be put away till next year, but my owl painting remains.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, to all my blog friends and visitors to my blog.


  1. Fun finds in the old jar! I did notice that owls are all over blogland! Reverse painting is so cool! Your home looks pretty for Christmas as I just read in your last post. Merry Christmas to you! Did you know that on the side of your blog/comment area is a box that says "Send voicemail"!?

    p.s. your banner is very pretty. nice photo

  2. Good day's shopping. Especially love the owl -- you don't say how big it is, but I think to hang over a door it must be at least 8 or 10 inches. I think everybody loves owls. Back in the days of being married we collected owls -- had over 100 at one point. I let him have all of them.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one in my peer age group that still can't resist buying stuff we don't really need. I love antiques stores, too, and until last month I even had a booth in one. Downsizing is impossible when you buy as much as you sell. LOL

  4. I too found a few fun Christmas items at the Salvation Army Thrift Store here in Fresno. They give discounts to senior citizens so my purchases were only $8. I gave two as gifts and the third, a nativity set still wrapped in its original papers, stayed out on my printer cart until the day after Christmas when I carefully put it away and stored it in a drawer I had emptied. I really try to get rid of more than I take in, but sometimes it is hard to do.

  5. Diane -- Your house is decorated so nicely (pre-this post). Looks like you found some nice holiday items to add to your collection. I especially liked your owl. Your header is beautiful. -- Wishing the best to you in the new year. -- barbara