Monday, October 28, 2013

Love the Season!

I just had knee surgery two days ago, nothing really dramatic, just some junk floating around my knee making occasional problems that needed to be taken care of.  I am just beginning to put some weight on that left leg of mine and have been doing a lot of nothing physical since then until now and the first thing to do is, walk to my desktop computer, even though I do have an IPAD.  My DH knows how much I love my IPAD by it does make me lazy as I sit in the most comfortable chair to use it.  I really need to move around so here I am sitting at a semi-comfortable desk chair to bring you some of my photos around this area I have taken this Fall season randomly.

While visiting friends in North Carolina I spotted this "bottle tree", not a bottle brush tree, but literally a bottle tree.  Unique in itself but DH preferred I not think about doing one of these as an artistic challenge in our yard. 

The next one,  similar to last year, the Quiet Side of the Smokies.  Each year Townsend, Tennessee has been decorating like this for the Fall Season, it is right in front of some buildings that house......Fried Pies, Quilting, Artwork of the Smokies, Gift store (really nice things in there) and a small cafĂ© for lunch.  (opps! and restrooms). 

Our library in Maryville, Tn. has a very nice, large selection of anything to do with books.  Each month they put some artwork in their lobby from creative people in the area.  This one is from an artist that does a lot of sculpturing in license plates.  This was for September 11th as he did a display of the Twin Towers. 

If you have seen my blog with Santa in a truck last December, here he is with another for Harvest Time.  Surely he is doing one this week for Halloween.  I did, notice my garden statue ready for Halloween night. She has pumpkins in her hands too.



  1. Keep on mending and consider taking up jogging when the knee is healed (LOL). I'm especially fascinate by the license plate guy. The figure at the bottom is very nice too.

  2. Praying for your continued recovery. Thanks so much for sharing the photos. I have always wanted one of those bottle trees in my yard.