Saturday, March 2, 2013

Alphabetically Speaking

 Most of you know by now that I love being in a creative mood.  I love swapping on Swap-Bot, there are so many people doing so many creative things.

I decided to put a swap up where you look for letters of the alphabet around your world.  I now drive down the street looking for letters.  Rather, DH does as I look around.

Mine were easy as there were signs everywhere that lure people to come to our area because of Pigeon Forge, Dollywood and Gatlinberg. 

My swap person sent me hers and they were great.  She has a great artistic eye I believe because you really have to look to find these letters.  Mine I think you may know and have seen. "M" for McDonalds and "F" for Food City, a local grocery store here.

But hers were just great as she saw letters in shadows, a fence line, and  in Architecture, that made letters.  Then you make a 2 letter word to send, hers was HI and mine was ME.(E and I not shown)

                             There is an M, an S, A and P - Tell me you see that, even upside down
Now here is an obvious H and an M and above this is an F and a C
I know some may say we have too much time on our hands, but I think being creative is a brainerism. I want my brain to stay alert while I don't care too much about this old body.
So enjoy.


  1. In a gift store, I saw an alphabet book of the sort for children, only too pretty just for children, of letters photographed in the way you describe -- some surprising natural formations and so on. And just a little while ago I read an article about training yourself to see much more in your surroundings than most of us do - this swap was an exercise in stretching perceptions, a very good thing.

    1. Thank u June, that is exactly what I was trying to do.