Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Can You See This?

While camping in Rutledge, Georgia over the past few days I spotted this on a tree where we just parked our camper in a State Park.
Now I know I have a great imagination and I checked to see if were enhanced by someone to look like a face, but I see a ghostly face on this tree. The white was not paint and the eyes were not burnt on, they were mold.
Can you see what I see? 

Perfect for Halloween!


  1. I can see a face because of the "eyes" -- I also easily see a tree with rough bark and two dark spots -- they look like knots to me but you say they are mold and that makes sense too. Did you feel a ghostly presence while parked near there?

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment on our dog rescue. All our "critters" are rescues except one finch that I bought to pair with a little white zebra finch someone was giving away. He really needed a companion, if not a mate. Well, that's my excuse anyway. We've only the three old parakeets, two finches, one dove and one very vintage hen. Plus the two dogs, of course. Dog 2 (Red) is now nudging me to get his dinner chicken served. Thanks again for your comment and have a wonderful evening!

  3. Hi Diane! Thanks for visiting my blog today! I love your blog, beautiful photography too! I love your Boston Katie! She is too cute. We just got Chloe certified as a service dog! She is so well trained, Jenn has worked with her extensively and she can do no wrong. Its so amazing to watch her because when she has her vest on she is a totally different Boston. That fun loving, hyper personality is gone and she is alert but calm and serious about her job. She loves Jenn so much and wants to do everything right. I have never had a Boston before, and although she is a bundle of energy she is so fun!