Friday, August 3, 2012

Taking A Trip

We decided to go rving in a new camper we bought.  Since this one is downsized from what we usually have, we were interested in seeing how it handled for us. This was a perfect time.
We got an invite to Ellijay, Georiga from my daughter and her family consisting of my two grandsons and wonderful son-in-law.    Although the house they rented was large enough to have us stay with them, we wanted to use our camper.  We found a campsite and it was minutes away from them so we were able to sit on their front porch overlooking a wonderful serene river and watch them tube down it, then we would have a cookout and sit and relax on their porch watching birds, squirrels and deer.
This picture I shot of a deer in the front yard.  I think he/she surprised me more than me surprising it.
She stood very still for me to take this photo, then casually ate from the tree and slowly walked further into the woods.  Amazing!  These deer are so friendly as they feel safe in the area of the woods and homes.  At night we saw a buck, his wife and two little fawns grazing on a home as we drove home to our camper.  Then again another one or two crossing the road in front of us.

We found the camper to be just right for us.  We usually would go camping in the Fall  and even Winter months as we prefer sitting outside under an awning in comfortable canvas chairs, sipping a cooldrink and being waited on by a cool husband.  But, this time we had a nice home they rented to cool off in the heat of the day and do the same thing.

Ready to Roll
Katie Watching for Squirrels
Float on by

View from Porch
Friendly Visitor?

Days consisting of watching them float down the river, shopping in a quaint little town, cookouts at dinner time, playing pool with grandsons (not me, but DH). I just enjoyed the special time with my daughter.

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