Saturday, June 2, 2012

Garage Sailing as I Call it!

This is what I found today:

I was going into a Dollar General store when out of the corner of my eye I spotted this.
It was sitting on a table in front of a Scrapbook Store along with other old items.
Apparently the woman who owns this shop has a mother that wanted to sell a few things, so
she let her use the front of her store.

DH and I opened it up and was amazed that is was huge.....king size as you can see on my
king sized bed.  No price on it and as we checked it over and found no stains on it, DH remarked
that were were three tears in three different triangles.  He was reluctant to buy it but I knew I
could fix those mishaps easily.  Besides, I have never seen a quilt that had the same piece work on the front and the back.  Not just fabric backing.

I asked him to find out how much it was.  He did and I was amazed to say the least.  $15.00,
she said she had $25 on it but it was a slow day and late in the afternoon and I could have it for the $15.00.  I know she did not make this quilt and I failed to ask her if she knew who did.

So now, I will fix what needs to be fixed.  There are hand stitches around each triangle along with machine stitching.
 This is the edge of back.

I will now get busy and fix those imperfections in it, have it cleaned (not washed) and it will adorn my bed as it is a perfect summer weight. 


  1. What a great deal! Any quess on the age of the quilt?
    I'm going to a flea market in the morning and hope to find some goodies!

  2. Oh my god! You did it again!!! That is a quintessential scrap quilt, especially with the same triangle design on the back and hand stitched around the triangles - and all so bright and unfaded -- perfect. Three little repairs will become invisible. From the fabrics my guess would be this was probably made in the early '70s with scraps from maybe the previous ten years. You have a knack for finding great quilt bargains.

  3. Checking it further I found it entirely hand stitched. I am just going to air it outside
    It does not heed cleaning and I fixed the three torn spots. I just love it

  4. What a find! All hand stitched too - fantastic! You're lucky it didn't need cleaning. I've heard of a product call Orvus (never personally tried it) but it's supposed to be great on vintage linens. I sew with a lot of vintage linens and usually just use a dye/perfume free soap and air dry before sewing.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog! :-)

  5. A true find! Lucky you! BTW, Wedding Dress Blues has a Tutorial on the 100-patch quilt: here Scroll down until you come to it. She has a lot of tutorials!

  6. Amazing good find! Congratulations!