Sunday, May 6, 2012

Iris - State Flower of Tennessee

You will see these flowers on all the roads in Tennessee.  I doubt if there is really any road that somehow hasn't produced one or several of these plants.  They seem to grow fervently throughout our cities and that must be why Tennessee adopted them as our State Flower.

They come in all colors, pink, white and shades of purple.  Some look almost blue while others are so deep a purple they look maroon in color.  I have the purple/blue ones that I inherited from a friend two years ago and only one small bunch.  Within two years they have grown and we have separated them to form rows and rows of them.  So, I wanted you to share in them with me and my State Flower of Tennessee.
I hope that you can click on the photo to get a really closeup look.

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  1. Beautiful. It would be interesting to know if they are native or if they have been planted and spread -- since yours were so hearty you've been able to separate them, it makes me wonder why there are so many in Tennessee.