Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Talented American Indians

When I passed through on my way home to Tennessee from Asheville, N.C. we decided to go over the mountains and through Cherokee, N. C.   I have been there many times and although it is really being built up it still remains a tourist area, complete with Casino that is run by the Cherokee Indians.  A beautiful building.
Big hotels are going up but it still looks shabby to me. Indians are performing on little outside stages while tourist pay or give them a tip to sit in one and watch them dance. It kind of sadden me.
The museum there is very lovely showing all the wares of original indians who lived in N.C.
 However, I did notice these bears that were throughout the area of Cherokee, each one painted different.  This one I took a picture of because it was so American Indian. 


  1. Ah, so not it' bears. The painted (fiberblass( animals are special art projects in various cities. I first saw cows in NYC. Saw a couple of hoses. They did fish here on Cape Cod last summer. I'm sure it's other animals other places. Obviously an enrepreneurial scheme by some company that makes the animals and sells the art contest idea to various locations. I think it's fun, good for artists, good for community people and tourists.

  2. Those are always so interesting!

  3. Beautiful painted bear. I winnipeg we have the same thing but they are polar bear and are sitting up. Here's a photo of one

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