Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Front Porch

Even though I probably won't be home for Christmas I wanted to share a little bit of Christmas
with my neighbors.  I started to decorate the day after Thanksgiving and behold, my two neighbors started in to decorate too.  We are in a small neighborhood of about 13 homes but I know only three

                          Still have to add an iceskater or two to this scene, maybe a santa too.
that started to decorate.  I put lights on a cherry tree this year as I like to add a little something extra each year.  I have them on a timer along with the other lights so they go on at 5P.M. and off at 10P.m. even when I am elsewhere.
Now the second photo is my Christmas tree - Easy Peasy this year.
Third photo is my Fireplace - Should have lit the fire though.  Will do that again.

I am also in a swap in a group called "The Front Porch" so I thought it would be a cute idea
to make a photo postcard or a heading on some stationery of their front porch.  I think maybe
this one will be my swap.  If any one has not joined in Swap-bot they are missing out on some
great crafting in every type of crafting etc. and it is a great way to meet other crafters whether
it be your interest in quilting, photography, writing, pen paling or just hashing over things with
someone you probably won't ever meet in person, then again you may.

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