Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pretty Amazing Animals

Going through a town recently I checked the side mirror and saw what I thought was
motorcycle rider with packages in the front and back.  Very dangerous I thought but
unique.  However, when she/he got alongside of me I realized they were dogs, little
guys, not packages.  He/She had dressed them accordingly for the ride.  It looks as
if maybe a little bid of hairdye too. 
Hope you enjoy seeing this as much as I did.  I only wish I had it on video instead
of just a shot.  You may have to click on the picture to see these adorable pups closer.
One in front of rider and a brown one on the back.  They do not seem to be tethered
either.  Amazing.


  1. For some reason your picture doesn't enlarge, a problem I've never had before here. Anyway that is pretty amazing, I sure hope he doesn't hit any bumps, they can't exactly hang on tight like a girlfriend might.

  2. I just watched a video of a larger dog riding with his paws on the man's shoulder on a bike-amazing!

  3. Very cute and funny yet probable not the safest.

    -Iggygirl Check out my blog #5