Thursday, October 13, 2011

It is My Favorite time of Year -

I probably won't be home for Halloween, doesn't matter much as I don't get many (4)
trick or treat kids each year, but I had to decorate for that and for the season gloriously
delicious Fall. 
With the holiday, the cooler weather, the color in the trees I see from my porch looking
up into the mountains, the soups I will make to keep that tummy full and warm along
with hot chocolate and a beautiful fire glowing in the living room, what more can I
ask for.

I just wanted to share a couple of photos of my decorations.
Do you see that little black and white face in the doorway?


  1. Everything looks so pretty! Love your fireplace and your porch. I have a windchime very much like yours and it gets very musical this time of year.

  2. Wish I could sit on the porch with you and gaze at those mountains-- maybe take a walk together in them.

  3. Yes I see a little face in the door :) Your fall decor is great! We don't get any kids on halloween...
    That "worm" was/is very unique!

  4. Windchim from Sam's Club, went back to get 4 more for Christmas Gifts for kids but all gone. You must have bought one Lesa.
    June - Always an invite.

  5. Hi Diana
    My name is Marlene aka Marley jayne 18 from swapbot swap # Check out my blog 2. I love the way you have decorated for Halloween. I used to do all that stuff when my kids were young but somehow it has gone by the wayside, Maybe this year is the year I should start again.

  6. Great Balls of Fire, Woman...I never thought of getting pages out of a song my thrift store has one, too. Thanks for the tip. I just ran off some copies of beautiful french music from the Graphics Fairy and am anxious to try it, too.

    All your decorations look so nice...

  7. Hi, I'm youngeclecticimages from swapbot (love that Site)
    I love what you have done with your house I wish I had the time and energy to decorate for the seasons; I just leave out some of my favorites from each season out all year long. I am hoping to do much more for christmas this year
    Your home is so lovely and I certainly enjoyed my tour.

  8. I love fall too, it's such a pretty time of year.