Monday, May 9, 2011

Sketch Book

I put on my blog a stamp that says Sketch Book Challenge, it is on the left side under my title blog. It is a way to use up some of my "talent" as an artist to do some simple drawing, sketching, painting, in a journal form.

Each month this blog will give a theme to stir you on to doing something relevant to it. I just joined so I missed January thru April but managed to sneak in on May. The theme being "Resistance" (to shorten it). Many may use things to resist paint such as wax, crayons, liquid form of resist found in many art stores for their own journal. I preferred to make mine as a resistance to eating a sundae. Love those hot fudge sundaes which are not flattering to the figure. Can't resist if offered.

I did this in a simple form of showing my favorite Sundae - hot fudge, with nuts and cherry on top and of course, whipped creme.

Done with paint pencils on a journal book of watercolor paper which I hope to fill each month. In order to be a member they ask that you put your endeavor on their flickr site and to add it to your own blog. So here it is for this month of May.

If interested in joining it just click on the badge. I am a self taught "artist", anyone has this kind of talent.


  1. I am so with you, when I am crafting I reisit eating as it keeps me busy! Thank you for entering my giveaway, good luck!


  2. Interesting idea. Your sundae looks inviting. I gave them up years ago but your sketch makes me drool. Oh,oh! -- barbara.

  3. What a cute sketch ! (: Looks so yummy !
    I also see your other crafts and I have to say you are very talented (:

    CinnamonMiaw from Read my blog swap