Friday, March 18, 2011

Lap Quilt for Grandson

I have made lapquilts for each grandchild. This one is for Clayton who is 20, in college and I believe his bedroom at home is done in black and white decor. This is a gray, black, white top with gray and brownish backing. It is a Rag quilt, my favorite to do as it is quite simple but takes time to do also. To make it look raggy I cut around each section in snips and after washing it I am hoping it to look fringy. The backing is made of flannel and the top is cotton with a light weight batting in between.

I am a novice of sorts when it comes to my quilting so be gentle if you comment.


  1. Very fine for a young man -- masculine but soft looking. He should enjoy it.

  2. Opps
    ! I just noticed one square was put in wrong. Instead of vertical pattern it is horizontal. I am not going to take it apart. I will just make this a puzzle quilt "Who can find the square that is different from the others?" No prizes for it tho.