Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fabric Journal Calendar - December

Pretty obvious what I would choose for my 12 month calendar for December.
CHRISTMAS - being this is a journal for my grandkids.
This was for that swap I said in my other entries.

I cut out a tree in green fabric, adhered it to another Christmas type fabric,
decorated it with beads and a ribbon of symbols on the bottom. I then put
batting inside and a nice fabric on the back, sewing it all together to be a
9 x 12 piece. On this last of the year I placed a "Family Heirloom" label on
the back of December.
It is done, the year is 2010 and I assume they will
enjoy it 20 years from now. God Bless Us, Each and Everyone.


  1. This is a wonderful idea and I just LOVE the backing fabric! So full of Holiday Cheer!

  2. I love your project. Thanks for giving me more ideas.I'm Mad About Pink from SB and now very happy to have met you.
    Ciao from Italy