Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fabric Journal for September

Being that September is my birth month and I will be 3 quarters of a century old. Yikes! Did I really say that? Well, I should have commemorated that in this months journal somehow but decided since I was doing a calendar theme I would keep it that way.
School year always started for me, up North, the day after Labor Day. Always an exciting day with new clothes, new pencil boxes and pencils with maybe a protractor in it. Those of you my age remember that well. No school buses as we lived about 1 1/2 miles from school and we walked. Mostly all the kids in the neighborhood or on the same street walked together. Yes, we did walk in the SNOW too. No snow days then. Those who now take Mom's car to school or buses pick you up in front of your house are missing out. It was a wonderful time being with friends on a walk to school and back again. We were never picked up at school.

So here is my fabric journal page: I got a cute fabric with all needed supplies for school pictured on it, then I got a picture from the internet clipart site and printed it on fabric securing with fuse material to that fabric. Using cute "School Days" ribbon I glued them on the top portion, just because I liked the ribbon. Then I did a minor amount of quilting to hold the batting and the backing on. I used an envelope type finishing as I really hate to do bindings. I then sewed all around the entire block. On the back I printed the month and year and my grandma name "Nema". This is for a swap which will be sent via mail with a photo of this piece to my two swappers.


  1. Perfect fabric, perfect ribbon -- easy-peazy but totally appropriate.

  2. I told ya June, I am not a quilter but an artist at heart.