Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mistletoe State Park - Georgia

Took an rv trip to this State Park week of July 11th. It was hot hot but a good time anyway with trips to quilt shops in Augusta, Georgia and really nice resturants in town there. The little ants were a problem that we had to deal with but it was a good trip from home. We went with a Florida couple that we rv with which made it
most enjoyable as we both enjoy doing the same things. These are a few of the pictures we took of sunsets since we were right on the lake.


  1. Beautiful! I've never heard of Mistletoe State Park. Is it really close to Augusta? I guess so since that's where you said you shopped.

  2. About 25 miles to and from. Park has cabins and very lovely and Augusta is crawling with stores to shop in.

  3. Once again, WOW! Such beautiful pictures. I think I'g just stay there and forget the shopping. Must be a great place for walks.

  4. Beautiful photos! And so nice that you also worked in a trip to the quilt shop! Sounds like a great trip to me! What kind of RV do you have?