Friday, April 2, 2010

My Collections

Over many years beginning with 1992 I started to collect things. I have run the gamet of bells, chickens, indian, small pitchers. I have sold all of these on EBAY just when it was starting out and made some good money in return.
After selling these we decided to go RVing for almost 3 years and had no room for such frivolous things. Yeah! Right. I stored what I collected from them on.
I am showing you what I collect now.

First I collected Cats Meow villages - Places that we visited only. I now have them displayed on the wall and over doors between my guests bedrooms.

I also collect Boston Terrier dogs and those who know me know how much I loved my little Petie and had her for 16years. I collected figures of her and even painted some to look like her as she had a half white, half black face. This has become sort of a shrine for her.

I also have a small collection of hands and now that I am sewing a lot, watch out pincushions.

Oh! Forgot, just recently I saw this small antigue child's tea set that I just had to have. Got it of course and have added two more sets to it.

Just wondering lately tho,-----Now who shall inherit these????


  1. I have stopped collecting and have begun giving away!

  2. Those built-in shelves are beautiful, I'm jealous!