Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It was such a wonderful Saturday. The weather was warm, but a little windy and most of all I got to see my grandson from Missouri. His parents were here because Jennifer (the mother) was speaking at a womens' conference and I got a chance to keep my grandson Connor for the day. Dave and I took him to see Ruby Falls in Chattanooga. I don't know what I was thinking but it was in a cavern. My last canvern visit I swore I would not do that again as it was a long

walk. I am inserting a picture of the three of us. It looks as if I was falling over backwards but I really wasn't, just came out that way. I only get to see this grandson once or maybe twice a year so it was a delight to do anything with him. He is so interested in things and just talks and discusses things with me that it makes grandma feel important.

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  1. Love this picture Mom. Thanks so much for spending time with Connor. He loved it. Phil