Monday, December 21, 2009

Strictly for The Birds

I noticed last month, November, that a lone bluebird was flying back and forth from the front of the house a tree and then to my porch. Back and forth she flew and I wrote down a few words about it in a poem (I hope).

Strickly for The Birds

I pass by the window everyday

noticing a bluebird darting about

looking for places, is she ready to nest

Perpetuating her species

a place that is best.

Her feathers are gleaming a

shimmering blue

fluttering back and forth

In the early morning dew

She has to be away from human


Away from four legged animals

a must

Will it be in a tree or
just tall grass?

She is uncertain, safety a must

She lights in a tree looking about

If only she would come closer

I wanted to shout
"Come near to me so I can enjoy"

But then she flew away

probably annoyed.


  1. Again, an absolutely wonderful picture. I have seen blue jays, but this isn't one, this really is a blue bird. I have never seen one in real life. Certainly enough to inspire a poem.

  2. That was a great poem, Diane :)
    ~Ruby, branchesandbeads.wordpress