Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Poems (I think) By Me!

I love doing a random poetry swap. My first was to pick every 12th word for 15 words from a book I was reading and make poetry out of them. I was so surprised that it almost made sense.

The words were: weather, darkness, cast, as, time, blue, porch, shaking, playing, swirling, music, further, all, hit, not . All words randomly throughout the first few pages of the book. I may try that again and present a new swap with the same idea.

Tornado Watch

The weather turned in a darkness cast of blue
The porch then shaking in time
As if music was playing

Sounds of swirling winds
Seem further away than not
But then it hit and all that was,
Was gone


  1. An excellent poem! No almosts, it's a real poem. Hurray for randomness.

  2. That is really really good, Mom!

  3. P.S., I think that's a typo in the first line.