Saturday, June 20, 2009

Remember the Victory Gardens 1940's

I remember them well. Picture is me either 8 or 9 yrs. old.The Victory Garden during WWII. People were very patriotic back then, money then was tight. Most food products used by the soldiers were for us harder to get and had to be rationed.

My Dad provided us with a Victory Garden that produced several different veggies, fruit trees and if the yard was big enough he probably would have a cow for milk. Mom would can a lot of tomatoes, pears, applesauce and even made our own sauerkraut from the cabbage. Cabbage big as the moon I thought.
Now I see this happening again. Maybe not rationing our food products but people are worried about prices for food going up, up, up. What would happen in our society today if we had to have "anything" rationed. Remember the gas situation. So, my advise to everyone is: If you can, plant it.

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